Tenant Login

Finally what we have all been waiting for …


Offer 24/7 Service with Tenant Portals

Key Realty’s  Tenant Portals provide tenants instant access to their accounts anytime, anywhere by offering tenants 24/7 access to powerful self-service tools.  Key Realty Group now gives tenants the same visibility that they’ve come to expect for tracking their credit card statements. We empower our customers! Our  Tenant Portal  provides secure, instant access to monthly statement and online maintenance requests. Tenants will enjoy the benefits of real-time visibility  to track payments and maintenance requests. Soon we will also have the ability for you to make online payments.

Track Conversations with your Property Manager

Key Realty Tenant Portals allows tenants and applicants  to communicate with your management staff from one centralized location that’s available to them from any web browser or Internet enabled smart phone. Both owners, tenants  and management staff will automatically be notified via email when new comments are added to a conversation stream. More importantly, all these conversations are automatically stored on the  portfolio online for future reference.


Offer Real-Time Visibility

We give tenants visibility into the performance of their investment properties by allowing them to run real-time reports from their Tenant Portal. Any report in Propertyware can be published into the Tenant Portal where customers can run them on-demand! Tenants can even choose their preferred statement format and see it published online each time you share it with them. No other solution offers these powerful tools to set your services apart from the competition.